After the foundation of the base, the construction of the supporting framework will begin, to be  made of stainless steel.

The act of hanging the weighty shards of glass onto the structure should be overseen by an expert.

After the shards have been hung, the structure will be theoretically invisible. The sphere should appear casual, light, and exude a certain amount of grace.



The structure should look like a net covered egg, with the maximum width of 20 cm. For each mesh. The structure should not be completed quickly as the mesh will be used as windows to pass materials to and fro.

In order to make the structure removable, one should build it attached to a central tube that is cemented to the foundation


  hypothesis of the structure

  approximately defined


 still frame            

 reinforced concrete



cm. 300



 if the sphere is to

 be sunk, the floor  

 must be exavated

basin of recycle water

 water overflow