Attaching the glass shards, the last phase of the construction, is really the first step in experimenting the effectiveness of realizing the artwork in itΉs entirety.

This experiment will show:

€ How many and what kind of shards will be needed

€ What is their weight

€ How long it will take to shape them

€ How long it will take to drill them

€ How long it will take to attach them

€ How many layers will be needed to cover the structure



The wire must be  thick enough to not be aggressively bended by the pendants, but to let them swing, stressed by the water and by the wind.



For more stability the bundles of wire should be fixed to at least to two of the supporting mesh.



How the shards will be  attached to the wire will depend on its own peculiarities.



  hypothesis of assembling glass shards  

  Bundles of


  steel wire,


  to be decided

  Thick glass

  shards  with

  a hole


  assembling by