I designed this fountain for a square with light stone pavers, situated 100 meters from the sea shore. Important note is the surrounding area of this particular square. The Adriatic sea to the east, a long affluent street to the west. a huge hotel to the north and a towering skyscraper to the south.

Like most squares witch frame notable buildings, I too, wanted the fountain to be aware of it’s surrounding, and to be in tune with the square’s most prominent feature; the Adriatic sea, I wanted the fountain to introduce the sea which is why I designed it to be orizontal.

In order to maintain an equilibrium in such a spacious square, I needed to find a visual element that would attract attention to it, not like the usual pizza-shaped fountain with a water jet in the middle. This is the fountain from a frontal view, 20 meters away. The arch size is m.12 x 7 x 1,60, it lays on its tips and rise in the middle 50 cm. from the ground. It looks like an arch very flat, underneath one can see a space underlined by a shadow.