When I designed this fountain I envisioned it in a square dwarfed by skyscrapers calling attention to itís smallness. I tried to design it so that  whether one is close or far, itís appearance would always be different and ever changing.

The originality and the vacuous space below the fountain attracts the curiosity of passer byís. As one approaches the fountain, itís angular qualities change, becoming flat and almost disappearing. The closer one gets the more one can see the uniqueness of the structure and the movement of itís shape.

On the upper side there are overlapping blades leaning toward the centre. Streams of thin water flow quietly above it, broken by minimal frequent waterfalls falling over widely spaced mosaic texture, that emphasise itís erosion.

The fountain is completely covered with mosaic. The external part shall be marble, granite and stone, with the color ranging from white to dark gray, while inside, the mosaic will be made almost entirely with green and blue glass.

Of course different materials will be used if the glass becomes overwhelming.

The exterior is more estetically regular than the middle, where there is more space and light revealing the different twisted blades.

The water snakes from one level to another falling, drop by drop, while light reflects off the glass mosaic.